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Connection & Stair Engineer

Job Description

  • Provide support to detailing staff in designing & sizing connections & misc. steel.
  • Must have Wisconsin PE stamp valid for providing designated design on large commercial and structural projects. Additional stamps for other states are beneficial.
  • Provide stamped calculations for steel to steel connections.
  • Provide stamped calculations for stair runs, landings, connections, & railings.
  • Read and Interpret Architectural and Structural Building Plans.
  • Utilize 3d software & connection design software in preparation of calculation packages.
  • Complete Job calculations according to schedule requirements.
  • Assess and adjust schedule according to Job progress.
  • Understand advanced Weld Types and Sizes and apply their use to various steel applications.
  • Calculate connection element capacity (Bolts, Weld thickness) per design load elements.
  • Calculate various advanced geometric elements involved in construction.
  • Understand Basic Construction techniques.
  • Understand basic steel erection issues.
  • Understand the Fabrication Process.

Company Benefits

  • Health & Dental - available for employees and family
  • Paid Vacation - with set increases
  • Paid Sick Days - 5 each year
  • Paid Company Holidays - 6 full days and 3 half days
  • Retirement Plan - employer-provided

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send a resume, cover letter and
preferred contact method to:

Rosemary Schneider, VP
920.849.2121 ext. 201

Please include the position you are applying to in the subject line
of the email and thank you for applying to CompuSteel Detailing.